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Cooking Fever Download Torrent

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Cooking Fever

I enjoy playing kitchen as “cooks Sarah» Yes? Then you like cooking Fever food. In this adventure with content free of microtransactions basic and additional, you will be responsible for customer service restaurant fast food (burgers, pizza, tacos) .podhoditdlya include all audiences – all from children to adults can play.

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

The Fever cooking you have to “survive” a wave of customers will ask you for all food vidavfast: hamburgers, sodas, clerk goryachieKakyou must gyflawniy necessary steps to prepare each meal and every order. For example, to cook a good burger, you have to put the bread in the dish, the meat in the pot, take it, if it is done (too long, and it will be burned up, and you have to throw it away!) and put it in the bread.

rhythma Mikromenezhment your skills is critical for success in the Cooking Fever, especially when you get past the learning levels overwhelmed inachal many clients at the same time.Takes too long, it will leave without paying iklienty. Be quick, and will iawnyn glad that you get a tip.

So far, Cooking Fever looks like your typical cooking game. What is unique about it? Two elements: promotion and organization management.

In late rounds or Fever Cooking level, you can invest your money in the kitchen equipment gorau.Gwella pan and myasabyts done before. And you can buy more storage tuppers more food, helping with the provisions. You choose what you want to improve,The breach izproklyaty this type of games: linear sequence.

If you have completed several rounds, the game will allow you to view your fuddsoddiarian to improve restaurant. This component is more strategic than it seems: entertain your klientovs best quality television, and they will stay longer. Again, this part of the game will help you feel that you syabeyak Cooking Feveryn management directly, and not vice versa!

much patience

Fever is not prepared 100% homefreegame, gentlemenand gentlemen. The name includes microtransactions addition that will help improve your equipment quickly, or make some progress soon. You can orffenCoginio Fever without pay, but many times you have to repeat the level to poluchitdostatochno money to improve their equipment. You will need a lot of patience.

Cooking Fever controls a major, I was grateful at the most dwyseiliadau. There’s nothing I hate more than those games when I poteryalvremya because the name isI want to acknowledge the order to send the client, for example.

On the aesthetic level, Cooking Fever nice and even cute, completely overwhelmed by the color, which slow down the camaumewn these devices. Each interactive element in razrabotantakim way that is easily understood, seedlings will find yourself in the middle of the cooking frenzy, the most important thing.

highly recommended

Cooking Fever surprised us nicely. We expect more cooking games, and we found a name that recognizes thatthe genre is stagnant and need some kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games, you are in control of fever cook your strategy and how you want to proceed. We never thought we were talking about the strategaethyn the kitchen of the game, but myvpevnenyya you did not expect to read anything that recommendation.

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